AV Karting, Moraira

Karting in the sun is a great experience, especially when you take an old friend who’s a Horsham Fencer by day but loves to ride the karts.

It’s not often you get to visit a place where you can scuba dive, play golf and ride karts all in a week – and have as much sun as you would wish.

That’s what it’s like in Moraira, on the Costa Blanca in Spain. It’s a place we love so we try to visit at least once a year just to keep our hand in.

The track at AV Kart Centre is 700 metres and you can get up to 100kmh which isn’t too shabby for this type of track. It’s pretty well run and they really take safety seriously, which in our experience isn’t always the case in countries like Spain, where they love to take your money but don’t always deliver the best and safest service.

But AV is worth a visit and they cater for children too, so you can take the whole family. The scenery is wonderful and facilities aren’t bad either, so you can watch in comfort and visit Adrian Valle’s trophy room – the guy knows how to kart!

The place is easy to find on the road down to Moraira from Teulada and it’s pretty popular, so better book unless you’re going in the off season.

Maybe we’ll see you there, enjoying the views as well as the adrenaline.

The Making Of A Go Kart

For some of you DIY fanatics that are also crazy about go karting, it can be a fun job to make a go kart for yourself. As you may have read in one of our previous posts, the best go karts are custom made from inside people’s homes or garages.

Some of you may have been inspired now and think that you will make a go kart soon, but like anything, this will not be a simple task. There are many guides on the internet, such as this great one, defining every part of a go kart you should consider.

To create a go kart you need to consider the many things that a go kart needs to function with – Firstly, the engine (of course). The engine is what makes the go kart fast or not and if you are going to build the engine yourself or buy it as a part from your local store, it will still need some expert knowledge to understand how to make the kart accelerate faster.

You also need to fully understand the steering system to. This is also a difficult part of the go kart to get right. If not done right, the steering to your kart can be poor. It may be too slow and sometimes unreliable, resulting in scary moments when you are turning corn30 – 40 mph.

Back to the engine, some guides tell you that you can even use a lawn mower engine for it. This is risky because you don’t know that the engine will pull out. A lawn mower engine can break down easily and may not make your kart that fast. Unless you’re a pro mechanic, then I advise that you buy a good small engine that will do the job right.

The frame to the kart can debatably be the most fun part of creating a go kart. By smelting metal together to create a completely unique shape to your choosing, the frame can be the defining part of your kart. Along with some added wheels of your desired size, this can make your kart either look like a monster truck or a race car.

Below is a video of how this mechanic  created a go kart from scratch. As you can see, the kart is built from the initial frame to the engine and results in looking like an ordinary kart you see at your local track. Think of it like manufacturing anything such as an electronic mobile phone. You build the separate parts and it then becomes easy to put together.

However, do not be afraid to go all out with modifications that either make the go kart look good or perform better. It doesn’t really matter because this would be your creation and as long as the kart is safe to drive, then it will be fine.

The Circuit – Chester

the circuit

Its time for another track review and this time, we are focusing on a track in the area of Chester. Even though it still has a lot of ground to cover when compared to our previous post about Team Sports Liverpool track, it still has some unique characteristics we have to mention and you may enjoy to race here.

The Circuit contains two tracks, whilst one even goes outside of the building which is great… but not on a cold, wet and windy day. The other track has a tunnel which actually looks incredible from the inside gives you the adrenaline as you go through it.



The tracks are actually very big. With an astonishing 70 karts in their fleet, all of them can be driven on one track, but creating a hectic racing experience.

The go karts are actually well maintained and it was difficult to see which ones were better than others. We did see some which were noticeably faster, but that is a hard characteristic to fix whilst busy on a working day.  However, the karts have a Honda engine and are lightweight, giving them the some of the latest engineering to be able to race like the fastest karts available.

the circuit kartkart the circuit


Like the Liverpool karting location, this also includes a board room and meeting room for teams to present and discuss in. Even though the Liverpool karting location looks more professional, The Circuit still did a great job at the rooms and they are maintained well. They even include pictures of big races and racers they have had on the walls.

board roommeeting room


This location even has a decent lounge for watchers, casuals or the more hardcore to relax and watch the karting from a spectacular view.



If you are looking for a different experience with the inclusion of a tunnel and outside track near you, then The Circuit in Chester could be a great choice. With a clean track floor and plenty of great karts to choose from, you cannot really be let down. It’s all about the tunnel and outside experience which will get you pumped.


The World’s Most Admirable Go Kart Tracks You Want To Visit


Somebody with desire to travel and go kart around the world sent in a request to post about the best go kart tracks to visit. So, here it is we have a list of the most admirable go karting tracks supported by complex.com and which you can possibly have a go on for yourself.

Starting with #8, Monarto Australia


Looking to go down under but don’t know what to do there, then there is a very unique track in the middle of the desert. I am not sure that it provides go karts to use there, but it is made for you to bring your hardcore custom go karts and test its speed and turning out on this perfect track.

#7 The Track – Branson, Missouri

the track

This is actually not just one track, the location has numerous tracks for different age groups and casual/hardcore racers. The most noticeable thing about the tracks are that they look like rollercoasters. The ramps go high and you can reach high speeds coming down them.

#6 Monticello Karting


This track looks like a traditional race track for normal cars. You don’t get many around that are purposely for go karts and this track provides straights and turns in order for you to have a lot of fun.

#5 Extreme Indoor Karting

extreme karting nz

If you have read one of our previous posts, this track looks very similar to the Team Sport Liverpool track. Its an indoor venue in New Zealand with a well maintained track which is multistoried. The difference between this track that makes it so much better than others is that it is bigger (of course) and the track is perfectly designed. Such as little slanted pieces as you can see in the picture above, this would be a fun track to race on without too much losing speed.

#4 Jim Hall Track Time

jim hall

Located in California, this track is very similar to the Monticello track but with more insane corners to practice on. Each corners is very different from the previous and allows you to test your skills to the limit.

#3 Dubai Autodrome


In Dubai, this track has a lot of work done to it. On this track, they have annual karting events and incredibly long races that last over 24 hours. They are very serious with their karting and it would be fun to watch if you’re travelling there.

#2 Kart Kountry

kart kountry

This is the world’s longest go karting track at a staggering 1.5 miles long. People get fed up to race through the same corners and straights over and over again. This gives you a little less opportunity to get bored.

#1 Lydd Kart Circuit


As our best track, luckily for you it’s a little more closer to home. In Trent, England, this track hosts the best races with the best racers in the world. Yes, it looks simple but it’s actually quite long and is perfect for drivers to prove their skills and kart’s on this track. Its location is also quite satisfying.

The Art Of Go Kart Racing



You may think that it would be the best option to pick the best go kart when you go karting. Sometimes it doesn’t always go your way and you will end up with a slower or more worse kart than others. In fact, the most important thing is that you do not get caught up thinking about how fast your kart is. Actually, you should focus more on tuning up your racing skills.

So, in this article, we are going to show you and explain how you should drive better to beat your friends at this competitive event. There are many basic driving techniques out there to learn, but we will show you some from our own experience that we have learnt over the years.

There are multiple things you should be aware of while racing on the karting track and it is difficult to remember all of them while driving at that intense moment. Learning them usually comes with experience, but if you are relaxed and open minded, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Usually you will have a warm up few laps before the staff shout or line you up to announce the start of the timed laps. So, you should firstly focus on fewer techniques at the start and then focus on more for every lap.

One of the main problems people have when going racing in any kind of race from go karting to racing with cars is that people are overconfident with their skills. Remember that driving on the road is completely different to racing on any kind of track. Even if you have countless years of experience driving on the road, you may be easily and surprisingly beaten by a teenager from high school.

Ok, you want to know these techniques… I will briefly explain some of them, but there are many to think about. It is best to practice these one by one when on warm up laps. Starting with your seating position. Yes! Your seating position is important!

If you look at a formula one race driver, it is very similar to what you should do in a go kart. The cars have a low height and the cockpit is narrow. You need to be laid back with a slight bend in your knees to press the pedals. You do not want to be cramped up to your wheel while heading into corners. For a much more detailed description take a look at the seating position of an open-wheeled car here: www.turnfast.com/tech_driving/driving_seating

Braking and accelerating is debatebly the most important part of go karting to win. Heading into and out of them corners is what makes the difference between winning and losing. So, by following a good sequence is the best way to achieve this and is different to a formula one car due to suspension differences, wheel grip, etc. You do want to head into corners the same way as a formula one car though. Start wide then as close to the corner as possible on the way in.

So, on your warm up laps you want to try and brake to slow down enough so that you grow into the corner at full speed. The best times me and my colleagues have experienced are by leaving the corner at a position just slightly over the middle on the other side of the direction you came from. What many people make a mistake of is by overrunning it and you end up leaving the corner too wide. Even though this gives you the adrenaline kick of high speed, you are likely to lose control and you lose some ground that you could have cut.

Take a look at how formula one drivers race. This is Sebastian Vettel when he was still racing for Red Bull. He hits the corners from a wide length and leaves wide on the other side. You don’t want to leave as wide because go karts do not have as much grip and speed as an F1.

These are the main tips we will give you for driving well on the karting track. If you would like a much more detailed description of the many techniques, you can take a look at Turn Fast’s driving techniques. But, be aware these are for street cars so just take in the techniques they talk about relating to open wheel racing.

Liverpool Go Karting Track by Team Sport

lvp track

Looking to go Go Karting in Merseyside but do not know which one to go to? Then we recommend the Team Sport track. It is big, has great go karts and will give you a great experience.

What makes this track better than all of the others in the area? Well, basically everything. Starting with the track itself, it has a average lap time of about 48 seconds and has two floors. Not many go karting track have two floors, but this one has and doesn’t upset.

From karting around it, there was only one corner with was slightly slippy and this is one of the main problems when going go karting. What you don’t want to happen is put the pedal to the metal to go as fast as you can to then do a 180 degree spin because you slipped at the corner. However, the corner that was slippy on this track wasn’t too bad so you wouldn’t really crashed unless you made a big mistake.

Each kart also seemed equal. Many problems with going go karting is that many go karts are usually faster than the other because they’re not maintained properly. So, you and your friends usually take the time to watch the previous group to see which karts are the fastest and then fight over the best ones. However, it was difficult to see which karts were faster than others which makes this place have more fair.

The karts also look great too and are well cleaned as you can see below.


Along with the location’s good maintained track and go karts, it also has great other facilities. With the inclusion of a bar (for the lads), party room (for kids birthday parties), briefing room (for more serious events) and a well cleaned locker room. The facility is more professional than most go karting locations there are as many that I have been to are dirty and don’t have the facilities of this place.

bar briefing room party room

If you want to make sure that you beat your friends and destroy best time, this video was created by a friend of mine back in December. He got a time of 39.936 which he says is the best time they have had ever, but I don’t believe him. However, the video explains how to combat each and every turn along with showing the track’s good services along with by-standing staff ready to get you out of sticky situations and the sites of a well maintained track.

After reading this article, you would probably agree with us if this is a great race track after viewing the images and checking out the video. Even if you are a go karting fanatic and have been to many before, this should be up on the list for the best go karting facility you have been to or are going to take a visit at.

If you would like to check out more information about the track, go to their website at: www.team-sport.co.uk/go-karting-liverpool

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The Best Ever Go kart… So Far

monster kart

Firstly, you may think that the best go kart will be a team effort made by a company to provide the fastest and best handling go kart for its racers. However, it’s not that simple, the go karts need to be safe too for commercial races. Therefore, all of the best go karts are homemade.

We have been through hours of digging and found a go kart with incredible power and looks nice too.

The go kart is called the Monster Go Kart. There was many karts that could have been chosen for the ‘Best go kart’ spot, but the Monster Go kart had to be chosen. The other go kart mentions include the Gixxer kart being having incredible acceleration; the rocket powered go kart having… well, you know… a rocket; and the Turbo CBR 1000RR go kart sounding like and driving like a real race car.

But, the winner is the Monster Go Kart and it is called a monster for a reason. Take a look at this video.

Alrighty then… If you have seen the video, you might be thinking – “what the f*ck.”

As mentioned in the video, the go kart has an incredible 900RR motor giving it some insane power. Unlike, the other mentioned cars, this go kart in made for the track with sports enhanced steering, the best quality wheels and even aerodynamic enhancements.

The creators will not reveal the full specifications of their homemade go kart as it is a secret, but you can get in contact with them at www.jdfabrication.com and see what they have to say. Most likely they will try and sell you the go kart or test drive it for a high price like their other modified motors.

However, nevertheless this is a great go kart capable of destroying your friends at your local go karting track. You can see in the video that it is capable on turning corners at high speeds and an incredible acceleration to leave other eating a face full of dust.

The kart also looks rather aesthetic too. With the inclusion of the spoiler, it looks better than the average go kart. Too bad that the go kart has an open body but this will be an enhancement to its performance to carry less weight.

I hope you agree that it is an insane go kart and beats the others you may find online. To finish, here is another clearer image so you can see more of the kart.